Course Modules

Listed below are the developed course modules:

Name Developer Github Link


Numerical Integration Dr. Zheng (Leslie) Chen, Math What is GitHub? — Pythia Foundations
Building a graphical user interface (GUI) in MATLAB to approximate integrations with integrand and numerical methods as user inputs.
Python and Git Setup Dr. Scott Field, Math What is GitHub? — Pythia Foundations
Helping students setup their computers to use Python and Git, while providing some exposure to the command-line. It’s intended for students who have never used Python or Git, but could be helpful for students of all levels. The instructions are applicable for Linux, MacOS, and Windows operating systems.
Algorithmic Thinking Dr. Bob Fisher, Physics What is GitHub? — Pythia Foundations
A gentle introduction to algorithmic thinking, with an application to projectile motion
Tangent Approximation Dr. Adam Hausknecht, Math What is GitHub? — Pythia Foundations

This module will introduce students to methods for approximating the tangent to the graph of a function. For this module, you will complete a Python 3 – Matplotlib application that uses secants to approximate the tangent line to the graph of a function at a point. The entire program is about 470 lines of Python 3 code but you will only need to write about 20 lines of code. The app was written using the Anaconda Python Distribution using the Spyder IDE. The app runs under Mac OS Catalina, Mac OS Big Sur, Ubuntu 20.04, and Windows 10.
Atomic/Molecular Orbital Visualization Dr. Maricris Mayes, Chemistry What is GitHub? — Pythia Foundations
Plotting the wavefunction for the particle in a box and their corresponding probability densities.